January 19, 2012

                                                             TELL ME

Everyday I speak about me, so, this is YOUR turn. I was in my home and I realised that want to know things about my readers!!
I encourage you to participate. You don't have to answer to all of them, only those that you want. 
If you don't want to do it, just skip it!
Thank you for your answers! 


  1. Well, I think I'm the first one.
    I'm gonna participate because I think that's a good idea! :)

    I'm Liliana and I'm from Oporto, Portugal.
    I don't have brothers or sisters and at this moment, I don't study and don't work. So, basically, I don't do anything (not because I want, I just can't find a job!).
    My hobbies are my blog, be with my boyfriend and my friends, listening to music, watch TV, read blogs and magazines, read books, go shopping, etc...
    And I think that's all. ahah, I hope I have done it well!

    Kisses, Lil*

  2. Zoe para que quieres que te conteste yo si ya lo sabes,



  3. thank's for your nice comment (:
    yes, I follow you ;)
    Vanessa <3

  4. Of course that I attend. I think it's a very interesting idea:)

    I'm Rute and I'm from Vila Real, in the northern of Portugal.
    I have a sister older than me, who works in London. I study tourism and I' am in 2nd year of graduation.
    My hobbies are basically my blog, listening to music, be with my boyfriend, read a lot of blogs and magazines, being photographed by my boyfriend, and watch movies.
    I think I could answer all!


  5. Pues acabo de conocer tu blog, pero claro que sí me presento...Me llamo Yolanda, tengo 37 años y tengo tres hermanos!! y me gusta mucho tu blog!
    Un beso.

  6. Hi I'm Constance! I'm 18 years old and I live in Argentina. I have a little brother.
    Great blog! Love the idea that you want to know about your followers!


  7. I'm Ana and I'm from Portugal.
    I have one sister
    I am licensed in geography, and I am currently taking master's degree in tourism .
    I have 22 years old
    My hobbies are watch movies and series, my blog, be with my boyfriend and my friends, read books, go shopping and study :D

  8. Oye como me gusta esta iniciativa!!!Allá voy: Me llamo Kora, tengo 30 años y no tengo hermanos enteros, pero mis padres se han vuelto a casar con otras personas y tengo dos hermanos por parte de madre y 3 por parte de mi señor padre. Vivo en Madrid, aunque he estado viviendo varios años en Irlanda y no descarto volver a marcharme porque me cansa este, nuestro país... Me gusta más para venir de vacaciones que para vivir en él. Estudié bachillerato de artes y después hice un módulo de fotografía artística, y mis aficiones son la fotografía, leer, dibujar, ir a la montaña a pasear sin pretensiones, el cine y quedar con amigos en sitios tranquilos a tomar un cocktel o un café, escuchar buena música y arreglar el mundo. ¿Otras cosas? Pues no sé, que Víctor y yo no somos pareja, solo muy buenos amigos, que tengo dos gatas maravillosas y un novio alemán con más paciencia que el santo Job, que me encanta conocer gente nueva y que tengo muchas ganas de que llegue el buen tiempo. Espero no haberte aburrido!!!

  9. Thanks so much for all of your answers!!!!!!

  10. Haha so cool :) So, I'm from Portugal, my name is Maria Pita, i'm 19 years old, almost 20 :P i think my only hobbie is buy and buy and buy cloths :) I dont have brothers or sisters, and in this time, i am studing design. Thanks for this post i think that was a really god idea :) xoxo*

  11. Hello sweetheart!
    I'm Joana Almeida and I'm 19 years old.
    I live in Portugal and I'm studying civil engineering.
    I also have a brother.
    My hobby is almost the time fashion! I just love it! But I also love reading and drawing (I've took the arts course)
    This post was a great idea!


  12. Cool!
    Name: Maridy
    Hometown: New York
    Age: 20
    I love Fashion Blogging.
    anyways, you might want to check my blog, thebigapplegirl.com .Hope we can follow each other!I'll follow back!xx

    The Big Apple Girl

  13. Great idea Zoe, thanks for letting me know about it.

    Name: Sam
    Hometown: A small town in South Africa
    Age: Mid 20's
    Hobbies: Besides blogging, catching up with good books, Tv series and friends.
    Siblings: Just one brother
    Studying: I have completed studying Journalism and Fashion Marketing

    It was interesting reading everyone's answers!

  14. Awesome :)
    I'm Kathy
    I currently live in Melbourne, Australia
    I'm 17 years old so I'm still in highschool (it's my last year!)
    I have a younger brother and a younger sister :)

  15. Of course!! I think it is a great idea =D

    My name is Maria, i am 23 ( almost 24- just some days!! ;) ) and i live in Lisbon.
    I have a younger brother and i am a nutritionist =D
    My hobbies.. shooping, blog, be with my boyfriend, go to cinema, spend some time with my friends, watch series.. =D


  16. Lovely post !!!

    My name is Lien Post, Im from THE Netherlands. 23 years old! I have 1 sister and 2 brothers! They are twins :)
    I take care of my grandma and work
    As à assistent of THE hypotheker :):)

    And You?


  17. What an amazing idea :)

    I'm Lemiza and I'm 20 years old.
    I live in The Netherlands and I have a sister
    I'm studying Small Business & Retail Management. My hobbies are my blog, basketball, reading, listening to the music, watch Tv series...


  18. So nice that you're asking about your followers! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo


  19. haha I'm Elisabeth and I'm 20 years old! And, now, I'm your newest follower! ^-^

    xx from

  20. Thank you for your comment! Yes of course we can follow
    each other! Following now!


  21. Denisa, 21, I live in Bucharest, only child and I study finance, banking and stock markets:)

  22. Hello!!My name is Rosalía, I have 16 years old, I live in Almeria,Spain.. I study for be dentist jeje!! And my hobbies are running,do a lot of sport,see magazines and go shopping!!

    Please follow me and opinion for my new look :) Thank you!!


  23. Thanks sweet! :)

    santosliliana.blogspot.com *

  24. My name is Marie, I'm 16 and I live in Marseille, South of France.
    I love parties, photography, sports, shopping, sewing ...
    I'm still in High School but I'd like to study art and architecture !

  25. hi love, i love your blog :)
    nice to meet you. my name sabrina. im 18 years old, i live in jakarta,indonesia. i study psychology my hobby read magazine,bloging and shoping.and i have sisters


  26. Thanks for participateeeeeeeeeeee

  27. Hola Zoe, contestaré encantada. Tengo 38, soy abogada y comercial (osea lo peor de lo peor porque es lo que odia toda el mundo jeje) me encanta la moda y me apasiona pintar, actuar y viajar, ah! y últimamente estoy probando con la fotografía y también me gusta mucho.
    Soy la tercera de tres hermanos, vivo en A Coruña, en el norte de España y sueño con recorrer el mundo...
    Un besito muy grande

  28. bueno pues yo soy paula tengo 25 años soy de cantabria pero vivo en valladolid y este año espero acabar arquitectura (estoy con el proyecto) y tú? nosotras también tenemos curiosidad jaja

  29. Nice idea :) I like it.

    My name is Sabrina, I'm 26 and live in Singen (Germany).
    I have one brother and one sister.
    My hobbies are poetry, blogging, dancing.

    Lovely greetz

  30. Hola Zoe! He descubierto tu blog por casualidad y me encanta!!! Te sigo desde ya en GFC y Bloglovin! Pásate por mi blog a ver si te gusta...

    Me encanta la idea de las preguntas... Siempre dejo comentarios sobre mí en otros blogs... No me gusta el típico "Lovely"... Eso no es interactuar...

    Me llamo Vicky, aunque mi nombre completo es Carmen Victoria (sólo mis padres y mi abuela me llaman así), tengo 26 años y vivo la mitad de semana en Alcoy y la otra mitad en Elche. Estudio Grado en Comunicación y francés en la escuela de idiomas, y últimamente tengo poco tiempo libre así que lo invierto en mi blog, aunque también me gusta leer y tejer! Ah! Y tengo un hermano mayor!



  31. Hi! I'm a new reader of your blog! My name is Elsa and I live in Greece! Age 28, computer engineer and blogger! Checkout my blog and if you like it we can follow each other!

    Out Of The Box

  32. Hi I'm a new follower :) my name is Adriana I like in the U.S...I am 23 and I have 2 brothers & two sisters. I love blogging on my free time & spending time with family and friends =)

  33. Pueees veamos.. me llamo Beatriz pero no sé por qué prefiero que me llamen Bea. Cumplo los 18 a principios de marzo y soy de Ciudad Real :)
    Tengo dos hermanos más pequeños que yo, estudio 2º de Bachillerato y.. hobbies? muchísimos, entre ellos, música, fotografía, moda, internet, viajar, idiomas.. *-*
    Me ha gustado el post! haha
    un besito :)


  34. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, I guess I'll just do this because I am currently procrastinating from my studies!

    1) My name is Jo Bao.
    2) I live in Canada.
    3) Age? I'll just say I'm over 18! But not a lot of people believe me for some reason.
    4) Hobby, hm, I must say that would be blogging and online shopping! Blogging can be a lot of work but at the same time I really enjoy expressing myself to the internet world. Online shopping - organized and easy to shop <3
    5) I have 1 brother.
    6) I am currently studying education, but I might go into interior designing.
    7) Other things...hmm I want to have a pet dog as my first child! Get myself ready for a real baby some day :P

    Jo Bao ♥

  35. Fun post!! Let's see, my name is Erica, I'm from Texas, I'm 25 and I love to dance :) I have I brother and three sisters and I study fashion design. Oh yeah the beach is my favorite place to be! I'm a new follower, hope you can stop by my blog soon and follow if you like.

    xo erica

  36. Pretty photos!!! I like your blog!
    Its so nice! n,n♥
    My name is yesica, im 17 :D
    By the way, i started a blog with my
    boyfriend and i hope you can check it
    and if you ike it can
    follow us and comment!
    Have a nice day! n,n


  37. I HAVE a new post,please comment it and following me!!
    Thank you so much :)



  38. I am Sara. I am 19 years old. I have only 1 sister, we have the blog losaway. I am studing hairdressing.
    And I live in a city in the northern Spain.
    A funny post! :)

  39. I am Maria .I just finished medical school . I have one sister . I love fashion ,design ,architecture , flamenco dance , travelling ,shopping .
    Kisses from me !




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