March 20, 2012

It's so cloudy outside, but warm, the spring it's here at last! WELCOME! I went to the doctor to draw some blood. Nothing strange, just a little check to see my iron leves. On my way home, I took some pics to those beautiful tulips. I'm wearing my new jacket from H&M Man, just perfect for these days.
By the way, I'm very upset with my bad camera, I need a new one right now, so if you want to sell yours, or your cousin/brother/neighbor wants to do it, tell me please! Also, websites where I can find a good one. Nothing spectacular, but good! I NEED YOUR HELP! Any tips?
That's all for today.


  1. ouuuu m gusta tu nueva jacket!!!!como era??bomba jacket??jajajaj!s watxiii!

    1. sisi jaja bomba jacket!jajajaj!

  2. woaa, tulips are the loveliest flowers <333

  3. Wow so beautiful flower! Finally the spring is here :) Your jacket is very nice as well! :)

    X Camilla

  4. Yes, I'm so happy for the spring is here! I don't know how many time I said this but I'm in love with your belt, so damn nice! (and no, I don't have twitter, just facebook and tumblr :/ )*

  5. Hi sweety, are you okay after the doctor? I went two weeks ago to get my iron test, now I have to be on supplements. Your photos of the flowers are so pretty, sorry to hear about your camera.

  6. beautiful photos! my tip would be not to buy an expensive camera online :)
    xx Ingrid

  7. What a great casual look! The photos are beautiful as well!

  8. Jacket is great! Sometimes we can find great pieces on the mans department ;) God bless XS size hahah. Hope evrything comes up ok on the tests.


  9. Im in love with your pics, they are amazing!

  10. Ooooh lovely pics, I'm so excited spring is here!


  11. This is a gorge little shoot lovely, this space is so sleek and chic, kinda in loves! Your navy parka is fabulous love! X


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