August 03, 2012

 Me in a French beach.
1. I'm studying Bussines at the university of the Basque Country, but I've always had a thing for fashion, so I created this blog because I was in the need of sharing my fashion pasion with the entire world.
2. I'm the best when it comes of telling jokes.
3. My real surname is:  Da Conceição, but my grandfather translated it into spanish many years ago. The result is: De la Concepción.
4. My favourite book it's ''Kafka on the shore'' and my favourite writer is Haruki Murakami, who wrote my favourite book. 
 5. I've only traveled to four countries in the world: Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. (Soon I'll go to England WOOP WOOP!) 
 6. My name comes from the Greek and it means: Life
7.  The only food that I hate are the artichokes
8. I LOVE Freddie Mercury and I hear him since I was a small child. His voice still gives me chills.
9. I was a fantastic cartoonist in my youth, but I'm not sure at all if I can do the same thing right now. 
10. I don't bite my nails, but my hangnails, yeah, it's so unpleasant.


  1. Da conceição is so portuguese ahahah, glad to know you a little more =)

  2. I've deleted a comment by mistake! Soooorrryyyyyy!

  3. I love Freddy Mercury too!

  4. Sí! Nunca me había tocado nada hasta esta vez jaja
    Que mona de peque! No sabía que Zoe significada vida.. me encanta :_
    Un besito! :)


  5. Da conceição, portuguese name, so cute

  6. love this post, da conceiçao is portuguese eheheeh

  7. I love comics too, and your name is amazing!!

  8. Hi Zoe, it was so fun getting to know these things about you. Is that your baby pic, sooo cute! I am hoping that you could also share a few jokes here ;) haven't read the book but it sounds interesting. It's so strange, when I came to Spain, the best thing I ate (after Paella) was artichokes! Lol. You should definitely start drawing cartoons again. I am having a dinner party this weekend, what will you be up to? have a great one!

  9. I always love these types of posts! You look so adorable in that little swimsuit and I don't like artichokes.

  10. It's really cool know some things about you! And this photo are so funny!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  11. jajajaj que foto tan chula!!!me encanta!parece borat!;D
    Estaba bastante lleno de gente asi que he aprovechado para pillarme las vacaciones estas semanas!jejej!un besazooO!

  12. me encanta la foto! súper graciosa!

  13. thanks for your lovely comment!! of course we can following each other....!!! I started now and i wait you back on my blog as a new follower!!! http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/

  14. nice!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  15. AHAHA omg! I loved read this! AND YOU'RE LIKE BORAT in that old photo. Genius! ahaha I've been quite absent from comments I know Zoe, and I'm sorry for that because I really love to comment and see what you write too :) I'm on a wave of change and enjoy more other things this summer. Next week I'm going to Paredes de Coura FEstival, I'll be out the whole week, but I will give news when I come back! And how is your work? Where do your work exactly? I'm working too, but my work is kind of an easier one because I kind of decide my time on editing! If you ever return to Portugal, we have to meet ahaha Kiss!*

  16. oooh so sweet!!! please check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other, i'm now following you on facebook :D

    ♡ http://thefrench-fries.blogspot.pt/



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