August 29, 2012

1. The big wheel in Bilbao/ 2. Great CBO dinner/ 3. A concert plenty of people/ 4. I've just finished "1Q84" an Haruki Murakami's book. Later I'll start with the second part, can't wait!/ 5. Beautiful fireworks/ 6. Sushi it's one of my favourite meals/ 7. Burning Marijaia/ 8. New favourite stuff/ 9. The big wheel again/ 10. Macarons for me!/ 11. Lights/ 12. Yummy icecream!/ 13. Beaaach/ 14. Pintxos/ 15. Fireworks.
As you can see, it's all about party, fireworks, yummy food and good time with family and friends. Nothing compared with this week... I have to study again cause I'll have examns in a short time, shit! This is all for the moment, don't forget to check out my online store here! Cheers.
P.S. Some of you have asked me if I use Instagram to do this kind of collages, the answer is no, I use a program called Photo Scape and I really love it. It is free and you can make a lot of effects like in Instagram.


  1. looks like you had an excellent week.

  2. Me muero por las fotos de las playas.

  3. Hi Zoe, a great assortment of photos, I can sense the immense fun and excitement from them, the food looks really good! Uh oh, when are you writing? All the best with the studying!

  4. The sushi looks divine! It's one of my favorite foods too :)

  5. guapa, puedes creer que tu instagram snapshots de esta semana son super parecidas a las mias? estuve en bilbao la semana pasada ;)

    la tiquismiquis

  6. lovely week! go check you facebook, I left you a message

  7. Lovely photos- Love the studded Zara loafers and the sushi & ice cream looks so yummy!!

  8. Looks like you had a fun week. Sushi and ice cream always make a week better, and I love the leopard pants.

  9. Hello happy day.
    Fantastic picture...
    So cute kiss.

  10. Fantastic photos!
    To get the buttons, you just need to download a set of buttons from a website such as this one
    This website also gives great advice on how to do it as well :)

    Good luck

  11. Hey, I'm not too sure how I did it haha! It just somehow worked for me
    Sorry I can't help :S

  12. Sushi~ my fav. yum =) I heard 1Q84 is a great read by a friend too. I'll have to pick it up!

    Joyce @


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