October 25, 2012

 Keeping it very very simple today to show you a preview of todays outfit. Just in love with my new POW! sweater and my faux leather pants, they're wonderful! So, stay tuned for more!
 I have to apologize because of the bad blogging of these days, or maybe not? I don't know it for sure... This blog is my hobby, I mean, I don't have a contract with nobody, and sometimes I just can't update everything I want, I'm not in the mood for doing it, or maybe it rains a lot outside or I have tons of things for the uni. Don't judge me, I do my best for this little crazy thing.
 Wish you all a great weekend.


  1. I love those kinds of t-shirt.
    I am a follower, hope you could follow back

  2. I'm your 296th follower! I hope you can follow me back too. :)

    LOVE your sweater. reminds me of phillip lim.

  3. You don't have to apologyze zoe, I think we all know how crazy the life of a student/worker can be, right? ahah Girl you're sweet! People always stare at me like I'm some kind of anorectic, I'm always so afraid of what people might think of me being so skinny but I can't do nothing... I know I'm healthy and I'm sure I eat more than most of normal people ahah GIRL, and you have to show more about those trousers, I have some leggings, but I want some faux leather pants like those you have!!! They're so cool! Kisses!*

  4. Hi Zoe, I totally understand what you mean, there are days when you get too busy to blog or are just not inspired to...and thats perfectly fine, you don't have to apologize because you should blog to make yourself happy first. And Yay for getting the super cute POW sweater!

  5. I understand what You mean, but I love Your blog and Yours sense of style anyway!!! Keep blogging!

  6. is it the one from primark? i've been in love with that :D

  7. That pow sweater is amazing!!

    Sandra Lucia

  8. I´m following you on gfc and bloglovin ;)



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