November 14, 2012

Source, Collage Vintage  
It's definitive, I'm going to buy a REFLEX camera! YEEEEES! I can't be more happier! After thinking on it to much, I'm going to buy a better camera, maybe a Canon 1100D or 600D. That's my limit. Pictures are going to be better, I'll not have to take 40 pictures and ending with only 3 good ones, I'm not going to despair with the poor quality or a bad now... But I have to wait a month or so... then it will be mine! Kind of new begining for me... 
Talking about the pictures, I saw them at the lovely Collage Vintage blog and I just love them, those esparkling gems, all of those sequins and glitter... That first Kate Moss image is on my desktop now! That's all for today, see you soon. And oh! don't forget the M.M.M for H&M collection tomorrow! I'm going to check it out for sure, can't wait!!


  1. I can't wait to see your new pictures taken by the new machine soon

  2. oh congrats:) looking forwards to the pics! xo

  3. The first Balmain Jacket is my favorite! So amazing :)

    Stop by my blog and check out my very first GIVEAWAY.. The lucky winner will be taking home a MAC BLUSH FROM THE MARILYN MONROE COLLECTION.. Good luck :)

    xox, Isa

  4. YEAAAAH, Those two are great cameras!! I miss your outfit pictures zoe! You have to do more :):):) Kisses!!!

  5. Yes, I use Canon cameras too. Would never change this.


  6. Can't wait to see the result of your new camera when you have it.
    Great post and love the Kate Moss picture!!!

  7. Me encanta!! Yo quiero el top negro, me tiene enamorada!!

    Besos de Cocolate



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