January 03, 2013

Hey Hey! First post of the year showing some of my 2013 resolutions... Hope I can reach all of them:
1. More shopping. Specially shoes and bags.
2. Travel more. I would like to visit London, or maybe Paris!:)
3. Eat more healthy. Specially fruit, salads and vegetables. And of course much more sushi!
4. Have my new camera and shoot more outfits for the blog.
5. Go to a Fashion Week, London or Madrid would be good choices
6. Do more sport, running for example.
7. Go to an exotic place.
8. Study more and hard.
9. Make my blog more professional. I want to improve my english... I might change the platform of my blog into Worldpress and perhaps buy a domain, something like: fashionsnapshots.com
And you? Do you have some resolutions for this new year? Tell me what!:)


  1. Yes your resolutions are very much the same. I just love the way you put the photos in

  2. Hi Zoe....enjoyed reading your resolutions, I really hope that you get to go to fashion week this year, that would be amazing. I think that your English is already quite excellent. I also hope to eat healthier, a domain sounds like a great idea!

  3. Great resolutions and I pray for the strength to carry them all out!
    I am not making a big resolution than to become a better and improved version of who I am.

  4. Those are great resoultions! I have a lot of the same, especailly study harder! :)

  5. Beautiful photos!


  6. Love the resolutions! Mine are pretty similar!Could you please consider following each other? I hope you like my blog,
    I 've been blogging everyday! www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com

  7. I'M BACK! London was truly amazing! I can't wait for my next trip! I'm thinking about go to live there next year with some friends! How was New Year's night zoe?Kisses!

  8. Buenos propositos, espero que se cumplan y que el 2013 sea mejor que el 2012!


  9. Hello sweetie! So glad I've found your blog, I really like it. It is so funny that most people want to buy less and save money and you want to buy more :P I hope you can achieve all your purposes, I hope I could be here to watch them ;)
    Happy 2013 and I leave you my blog just in case you want to visit me someday :D


  10. oyeee me encantan tus proposiciones para el 2013!yo tengo tb, a ver si las cumplo... un besito enorme!



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