February 12, 2015


If you're like me,if you ALWAYS wear black/grey/dark clothes, if you wear minimal clothes sometimes or every single day, if the sentence ''I'll will stop wearing black when they make a darker color'' it's your religion, this post is for you. Here you have 8 tips to brighten up your outfits: 
1. Add a pop of color: Yeah, only a bit, I don't like to wear colored/bright clothes, but sometimes I just add a bit of color, like dark blue or green.
2. Wear leather: Buy yourself a quality pair of leather pants, or culottes. The biker jacket it's a topic and everybody has one in their closet, but it always works. 
3. Mixing prints? This rarely works for me but... you maybe would like to mix some cool patterns or prints.
4. Use statement shoes: If you think your outfits are boring enought, add some statement shoes, like the ones I wear in the image, for example. Add studded, big or fringed shoes... They literally spice up an outfit. Some heels are a great choice too! 
5. Bags: Use statement, fancy & original bags, like this from Alexander Wang for H&M. Metallic or holographic bags are also so good in this case... and maybe clutches
6. Accesories: It's a fact, accesories work, specially when they're bold. I'm not that kind of girl... I never use necklaces, bracelets, and rarely wear earrings. But I do love wearing a big/great watch every day, like this from Michael Kors. I love to wear sunglasses too and scarfs are my best ally in winter.
7. On the head: Wear hats, caps, or wool/cool beanies, don't be afraid!
8. Red lipstick: Use natural makeup with a bright lipstick. MAC has many good red shades like Mac Red, or Ruby Woo.
          9. (EXTRA ONE)  Enjoy and smile always! Be yourself when it comes to fashion and forgot what others think about your clothes!

En castellano, copia y pega aquí el texto!xx 


  1. Muy buenos consejos, muy utiles!

  2. Me encanta el último!!
    Sin duda el mejor!



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