June 05, 2015

It's a fact, I do love blogging. I just can't live without it, cause I love it above many other things... But some times I just hate it and I'll tell you why right now: 
# People don't take you seriously: Many people just say: Are you a fashion blogger? Pssst, hahaha... what a waste of time! You'll never be an important blogger... Don't you have nothing better to do? Isn't that a bit superficial? YEAH! I know, I know... and don't care about it!!! I just do what I really love... and of course I have a LIFE beyond blogging. I'm studying to have a nice work some day... 
# Too much competence: A lot of competence: But also many gossips, envy, bad people... Many people hate you and will do their best to be better than you without any limits... So sad, I know. The key is to make your best no matter if others are better than you.
# Pretending to be who you aren't: I really enjoy visiting some great blogs around the world, with thousand of followers, expensive cameras, and dreamy travels and pictures. I just hate it because I know I'm not as good as them... and I'll never be but, by the moment I enjoy what I do.  
# Always looking for the perfect pictures: I'm not satisfied at all with my pictures and I'm always looking for the perfect location... Where is that perfect crisp white wall when you need it? 
# Shooting time becomes something rare: Two girls in a street shooting for an outfit post: people around watching the scene with a weird face, laughing and making jokes about you or your clothes... Hi! I'm not a Martian! I'm just taking pictures, is that so strange, or what????? 
# Brands looking for free collaborations: Many brands don't pay for collabs, and they pretend you to make a post about them for free (or for a 5€ necklace!) Are you serious? HAHAHAHAHA... 
# Spam comments/ haters: If you're a blogger/public person you're exposed to criticism and bad comments/haters. What people don't care about is that in the other side of the blog/screen there is a person who has a heart and feelings... Please be more human!
En castellano copia el texto y pegalo aquí 


  1. Bien dicho! Jejeje! A mí tampoco me gusta que no me tomen en serio y siempre me acuerdo de lo sucia que está mi ciudad cuando tengo que bajar a la calle a hacer fotos. ¿Por qué solo hay coches mal aparcados, contenedores y pintadas en las paredes???
    Un besito!

    1. jajajaj tienes toda la razón, por aquí igual... más de lo mismo, es deseperante!!!!!

  2. ¡Ay, cuánta razón!
    Estoy de acuerdo contigo al 100%, no nos toman en serio...

    Miriana's World Blog

  3. Que razón tienes.....que poco nos valoran, lo que hace la ignorancia....

  4. Cuanta razóooooonnnn, madre mia, cuantaaaa!! Yo no lo habría expresado mejor, la verdad.
    Aquí seguiremos dando guerrita!!

  5. Que razón tienes Zoe!!!! Un post que define el mundo blogger a la perfección.

  6. Totalmente de acuerdo! Pero es por ello que hay que pensar en todas las cosas positivas de el "mundo blogger". Es como el que piensa que ser artista no es una carrera, sino un hobby. Pero hasta que no lo prueban no comprueban que no es oro todo lo que reluce ni que todo el mundo vale para ello.

  7. Estoy de acuerdo! Hay que seguir dando caña...mucha caña!!!



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