Who? Zoe de la Concepción
Where? Bilbao, Spain
When? Whenever you want!
What? Minimal style always with a twist that make my outfits unique. I always wear dark colors and I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.
Favorite designers? Alexander Wang, Celine, Acne Studios
Favorite movie? Donnie Darko. (Dark, Darker, Darko...)
Favorite thing in your wardrobe? My leather biker jacket
Favorite season? Spring
Favorite band? Queen
One color: Black
One flavour: Sweet
One place: London
One song: Bohemian Rapsody
One book: Kafka on the shore
One feeling: Love
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Beach or Mountain? Beach
Rum or Vodka? Vodka
Vogue or Glamour? Vogue
Blak or white? Black for sure!



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